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Support the AIDS Memorial Quilt

Help ensure the care and protection of of all 50,000 panels in memory of loved ones lost to AIDS


Healing, hope, remembrance, and history about the AIDS epidemic in America

Our Mission: By sharing the story of the struggle against HIV/AIDS, we remember, in perpetuity, the lives lost, we offer healing and hope to survivors, and we inspire new generations of activists in the fight against stigma, denial, and hate, for a just future.

Our work helps ensure that the lives of people who died from AIDS are not forgotten and the story of AIDS is known by future generations - so that never again will a community be harmed because of fear, silence, discrimination, or stigma.

The Quilt is a powerful visual reminder of the AIDS pandemic and continues as the largest ongoing community folk art project in the world. More than 50,000 individual 3-by-6-foot memorial panels – commemorating more than 105,000 individual lives of people who have died of AIDS – have been sewn together by friends, lovers and family members. Each year sections of The Quilt are unfolded at thousands of displays across the country. Wherever displayed, The Quilt provides balm for the painful wounds of grief, pours oil into the waters made turbulent by controversy, opens eyes that refuse to see and enlists every person who experiences it to play a role in stopping the pandemic.

Our Programs:
AIDS Memorial Quilt • National AIDS Memorial Grove • Community Workdays
World AIDS Day National Observance • Surviving Voices Oral History Project
Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship • Mary Bowman Arts in Activism Award

Please follow the links below if you are interested in memorializing names in the National AIDS Memorial Grove:

National AIDS Memorial is a project of the Tides Center — TAX ID 94-3213100.
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